Steps When Going Away To College

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Going away to college is a momentous occasion in your life. While you are trying to decide on how you are going to proceed with your education there is also another aspect of your life that is changing. You will have to plan on moving abroad of your house in living away from your family for the first time. If this isn’t something you have put much thought into we have made a list of some of the things you will have to think about during this period of your life.

Moving to a new place

You will have to plan out how you are going to move to your new home. This will most likely be a dorm room in the first few years since many colleges provide on campus housing. You will still need some help to move your belongings to this place. You can hire some movers to help you make the shift. For example if you live in Abu Dhabi you can locate some Abu Dhabi movers to help you move your belongings.

If you are going abroad for college – for example if you are moving from Dubai to Canada to go to school – you might also have to ship your belongings to your new home. This is a more time consuming process so you should ship your belongings well ahead of your orientation week.

Figuring out your meal plans

When you are living away from home you will also have to figure out your meal plans. Find out if your college provides meals for its students. Most colleges do so, or they have shops from which you can buy your meals for subsidised prices. If you live in a house you can also cook your meals. This might be a new experience for you. You can make your life easier by learning some ‘one pot meals’ that are easy to make and require very little cleaning up afterwards.

Finding work you can do while you study

Unless you are one of the lucky few who have someone helping them cover their tuition and living expenses you will have to find work that you can do while you study. There are many such opportunities provided by the campuses themselves. For instance you can find work in your college administrative building or as a teacher’s assistant. Ask your campus counsellors for jobs that might be available.

If you have moved abroad for college find out about the requirements you need to find work outside campus and avoid the risk of losing your opportunity to study there by breaking protocol.

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