Life In Singapore: Four Things You Need To Know

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Singapore is a land of sheer architectural splendor, booming with an ever-growing economy and it is home for a mega populous of expats from around the world who arrive in the country each year to become part of this trade hub. Moving to Singapore is more of a dream to most individuals because the standard of living in this glamorous country is second to none. If you have decided to move to this country in the near future on a business commitment, to study or to visit a loved one, you’ll need to learn a few things about the country. This will save you the weeks and weeks of trouble finding a proper place to live in, where to eat, how to travel around and doing all this without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Singapore can be expensive

Life in this metropolis can be pretty expensive. In fact, Singapore was named the most expensive country in the world to live in 4 times in a row. For instance, a car here would cost about twice what it would cost in US or Europe and even after the purchase, parking the vehicle in the very expensive parking spaces around the city will become a real uphill task. Something that drives most visitors nuts is the price of alcohol. A pint of beer at a bar would cost an average $15. Therefore, learn about the area and find places that offer quality products and services for affordable prices.


Because Singapore is a very small country whose population is growing in an exponential manner, a major shortage in houses has occurred. As a result, even a tiny apartment space will cost a fortune. If you are trying to manage your stay in the country with a fixed budget, make sure you perform a comprehensive research before purchasing any property so that an ideal space can be found for an affordable price. However, if you are financially flexible, consider executive condominiums, a unique housing solution available in Singapore which is a hybrid of public and private housing. The EC Rivercove Residences price levels can be considerably higher than the average apartment, but the wide range of facilities offered to its residents makes it truly worth it.  

Storage spaces for your belongings

If you bring a load of your belongings along with you, storing it within the precious little space of the apartment will be an unwise choice because it will create so much clutter in your living space which will drive you crazy, unless your apartment is spacious like a Rivercove Residences floor plan where a relatively spacious living space is made available. Instead, purchase a storage space from one of many storage facility providers so you can keep your possessions safely stored away till you need them again.

No communicational barriers

Although Chinese Mandarin is the official language of the country, Singaporeans use English when communicating for business related purposes. Also, a language unique to Singapore called ‘Singlish’ which has derived from years of usage along with other languages exists and it is relatively easy to learn.

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