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Having Non Carnivores For Dinner

Most people in the world ingest some form of protein, and in many dining establishments, priority is given to meat eating individuals. There are so many delectable treats for them to choose from. In fact, such is the prevalence carnivore diets that it becomes a serious problem for those abstaining from fish and poultry to go to dinner at some place. It is an even bigger problem to cook for them. Here are some easy main and side dishes that you can whip up to satisfy even the most ardent meat lovers:

The Appetizers

What says appetizer more than a creamy soup? If you are all about the DIY, grab some carrots, potatoes, beans and leeks and add them to boiling water one by one depending on the length of time they need to cook. So usually it will be carrots first, then the potatoes and others with leeks going in last. Add corn starch and a flavour cube to make it thick and creamy. You could also go the easy route by buying instant soup packets where all you have to do is to put the powder into boiling water and stir to prevent lumps.

The spotlight Main Dishes

The Chinese style fried rice and best vegetarian noodles in UAE are some of the easiest things you can make without even a hint of meat or fish. You can either dice some veggies small or julienne them. Choose some succulent carrots, leeks, onions or shallots, and beans and temper them in a light drizzle of oil in a big wok. Add a few sprinkles of salt and pepper to taste, along with some butter. Once the veggies look half cooked, add in the rice or noodles. Remember that they have to be boiled and kept aside first so it is good idea to have that on boil before going into prep; you can save time that way.

Don’t forget the Side Dishes

One of the easiest things to make as a side dish is batter fried veggies. You can make an assorted platter for guests to pick and choose from. Some good selections include capsicum, bell pepper, broccoli and cauliflower florets and eggplant, although you can also include whatever is grown locally. Mix the batter with iced water to make it thick and lump free and throw the veggies into the sizzling oil as soon you dip it. You can also make an entirely separate dish with abalone mushrooms by seasoning the mushrooms first and then dipping it in the batter.

Bon appetit everyone!

This entry was posted on August 3, 2017.

How To Start Your Own Online Bank

Starting your own online bank might seem like a dangerous and complicated plan. But it is not as hard as you think it is – especially due to all the advances in technology. What you need to understand is that in the current market, this kind of banking is extremely profitable. So, you need to utilize it in the correct way to benefit from it. If you have no idea how to do this, here is some information that might be of help.

The Plan

In order to start any business, there needs to be a proper, concrete plan. You need to know what exactly you are going to do with the business. Knowing this will make the journey so much easier for you. So, first of all you need to sort out why you are starting this business. It is essential for you to have a mission and vision for your business. This way, you will know where to go and how to get there.

The Funding

This is an important factor that you must not overlook. Even though you are going to run the company online, remember that starting a bank is going to cost you a lot. So, you need to be able to find the funding for this. You must decide whether you are going to self-fund the business or get a business loan. Before you apply for the plan, make sure to come up with an appropriate budget. If you are going to hire a digital banking solution to help you out, you must include it in the budget as well.

The Team

One of the best things about running a bank online is that you do not need to hire hundreds of people to manage it. Since everything is handled online, you can make do with a small team. But it is important to ensure that this small team comprises of individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. They need to know how to use a business intelligence tool when necessary and must be able to come up with creative ideas to develop the business.

The Brand

Every successful business in the world found its place through proper brand management. If you want your online bank to be a famous and recognized one, you need to come up with a catchy brand logo, design and theme. This way, you will be able to market your business in a successful manner.

Of course, there is so much more that you need to do. However, if you start with these factors, you reach your goal soon.

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